Journey with Young Nic to the Holy Land!

Book 4 of The Great Adventures of Young Saint Nic is now available on Amazon, paperback and ebook. Join Nic and his growing extended family as he braves the sea, preaches on the Mount of Olives, saves three Egyptian boys, and meets an angel. If you have been on this journey with me so far, then you know it just keeps getting more exciting, I can’t wait for book 5 and 6 when everything really starts coming together, Annalina is back in the picture, and all the characters start to really live their purpose! See you on the road!

Published by couragejonestalmadge

Jones Talmadge has always been interested in bringing joy and imagination into the world. As an action adventure story-weaver of young adult fiction, he always aims to awaken the dreamscapes and visions of a future that unlocks the capacity of the soul. He currently lives in China performing for Cirque du Soleil. As a director of dance and theater, he values the intimate connection that occurs between people in live performance, and seeks to integrate the heroic capacity of human movement potential into his writing.

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