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Jones Talmadge is an author of science fiction and young adult action-adventure stories.

I write short stories, novels, motivational speeches, and scripts for stage and screen. For me, the art of storytelling started on the stage as a performer and improvisor. Over time, stories started to build up in my dreams until I could no longer hold back the flood. I started writing every day, and the stories poured out of me onto the page. I started writing for stage and screen first, creating theater pieces with Not Man Apart, including an adaption of John Milton: Paradise Lost – Reclaiming Destiny, premiering in 2017. My wife and I also started a YouTube Channel of dance-story films that I write and direct: Look below for more info on my published works and projects on the way!

Writing Projects

Great Adventures of Young Saint Nic

How does a man become a legend? Join the young priest, Nic, as he travels the world, discovers potent spiritual gifts, and changes hearts and minds with generosity and love. A seven-book series currently being published on Amazon. Click below to buy the books and witness the development of the man who will become the immortal legend Santa Claus.
Book 1: Legend of Love Ebook
Book 1: Legend of Love Paperback
Book 2: Spiritual Warriors Ebook
Book 2: Spiritual Warriors Paperback
Book 3: Peaceful Dragon Ebook
Book 3: Peaceful Dragon Paperback
Book 4: Holy Land and Sea Ebook
Book 4: Holy Land and Sea Paperback
Book 5: Coming Soon (December 2022)

Download the free reader magnet – The Great Adventures of Young Saint Nic Book 0: Nic’s First Miracle.

Fierce Catalysts

A compilation of short stories about technology and the human soul. Published in August 2020, get the Ebook on Amazon NOW! Or the Paperback HERE. Also, download some free short stories by signing up for my mailing list HERE!

Queen of the Sky and the Demon Core

A feature length screenplay about a young female pilot encountering a mutated hive-mind creature born from nuclear testing on an island in the South Pacific. See the Video Trailer HERE!

Coming Soon…


A young adult novel with original watercolor illustrations by Jones. Join the young boy, Andrew, as he gets lost in his dreams in order to find himself. A story filled with iconic characters and imaginative creatures, to be published August 2021.

Hobart Children – Trilogy

In the peaceful, Canadian suburbs of Prince Edward Island, five young, Catholic siblings discover that they have ancient magical powers. With the help of Guardian Spirits, they outwit the evil Kraxala, who are trying to capture them and their Magick Book. After a chase across the country, they reunite with their parents and meet the underground Light Fighters of the Luzeal, who join forces to defeat the Kraxala and rescue their kidnapped Grandmother. Book One will publish in April 2022.

Human Jazz: Fusing Body, Voice and Spontaneity into Performance

A journey through the life and work of Christian Swenson, a dancer, singer, actor, and improvisor. He is also the founder of Human Jazz: a cross-cultural synthesis of these elements. This non-fiction book explores the foundational components of our original instrument—the body—and all that it can do in performance. Filled with stories and exercises, this book hopes to open up the reader to freedom and self-expression. Non-Fiction to be published in May 2021.

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