Jones Talmadge

Author, Director, Coach

Story Weaver, Dream Waker, Hero Maker

I have always been interested in bringing joy and imagination into the world. As a science fiction and action adventure story weaver, I create novels, short stories, and scripts that aim to unlock beautiful visions of the future. As a director of dance and theater, I awaken the dreams of the performer and audience alike, with intimate and connected experiences that integrate the heroic capacity of the human body with the complex collective psyche we share. I am also an acrobatic coach and currently perform for Cirque du Soleil. I love to travel the world with my beautiful wife, Anne-Marie, dancing, teaching, and making everyone we meet a little more super. To see all my available writing work, click on my AUTHOR PAGE, and please dig a little deeper!

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The Great Adventures of Young Saint Nic – Book 3 is Published

Peaceful Dragon (Book 3 of the series) is now available for purchase on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited. Thanks for all your support and inspiration, I have a great team of advance readers and excellent collaborators that do my editing, cover, illustrations, proofreading, etc. This series continues to be a labor of love, and I hopeContinue reading “The Great Adventures of Young Saint Nic – Book 3 is Published”